Why The Evil Eye Is More Popular Than Ever

Why The Evil Eye Is More Popular Than Ever

It’s the ancient symbol that crosses cultures and religions, and once you start to notice the evil eye, you see it everywhere. Its origins are talismanic, rooted in the belief that an envious stare or glare can bring bad luck to those who receive it. However, having an evil eye amulet can help ward off said curse and provide spiritual protection and even bring good luck to its wearer.

Which may explain why it’s now more popular than ever. Even though the evil eye has been around for thousands of years, it’s seen a surge in popularity post-pandemic with little evil eye emojis popping up in texts and at the end of social captions. People are craving protection and they can’t get enough of what the evil eye represents.

The number of posts under the hashtag #evileye on Instagram is telling: 1,620,038. Some say this is because of the fashion industry’s obsession with it since 2017, when Elie Saab showcased the eye-embellished dress and Gigi Hadid’s Eyelove and Eyelovemore shoe designs with Stuart Weitzman were released. Others believe it was because of the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, who debuted a series of evil eye accessories in April 2020. They might be right: since then, sales of evil eye jewellery has seen a 58% increase in sales.

Zena K’dor, Creative Director of House of K’dor would have to agree. “We’ve seen so much interest in our beautiful evil eye bracelets and earrings of late, especially for gifting. Some customers are buying multiples of the same design for several generations to wear simultaneously – it’s a beautiful symbol of a strong family bond. Of course, some love the traditional chain bracelet encircling a stunning blue evil eye within a diamond halo, but our very special bracelets in emerald green and ruby red are also hugely popular these days. And for something really understated, our customers love to wear just one little Evil Eye Stud, which plays into the one earring trend that’s very much in style at the moment.”

Like the idea of a sapphire pink version? Typically, evil eye jewellery is blue and white, but different colours are used for other meanings. For example, blue sapphire is for karma and fate protection, green emerald is for happiness, red ruby for courage, and pink sapphire for the protection of friendships.

Whichever colour or style you choose, know that when you’re wearing your evil eye you’ll feel protected, safe and stylish. 

From the prettiest pink to beautiful sapphire blue, always feel protected and in style with your evil eye bracelet.

These impeccably handcrafted evil eye stud earrings, showcasing 0.12 carats of F/VS diamonds and 0.04 carats of sapphires, can either be purchased as a set or as single studs.
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