May Birthstone: Everything you need to know about Emeralds

May Birthstone: Everything you need to know about Emeralds


While we're not ones to play favourites, Emeralds perhaps hold the most mystique in the K'dor collection. 

Beloved by Cleopatra, Shahs, Sultans and Maharajas alike for over 3000 years, the earliest Emeralds actually hail as far back as 2.7 billion years. 

That means these magical stones have retained their refreshing perfection, untainted by the pressures of earthquakes, volcanoes and the Earth's changes.

 Today, it is the customary gift for twentieth and thirty-fifth wedding anniversaries, and birthdays that fall in the month of May.

Their iridescent green hues have been described by Roman philosopher Pliny as "no better method of restoring tired eyes", where "nothing greens greener". 

Due to their unique crystal shape, emeralds are commonly cut as rectangular step cuts called 'emerald cuts'.  

However, our masterful K'dor jewellers will cut and set the most exquisite Colombian and Zambian emeralds to your dreamiest designs.  

Why not style emeralds against a crisp white outfit for every day, or mixed in with sapphires and couture for a more colorful occasion? 

Glimpse into our evergreen world below. 

Sending love and light,
The K'dor Family 


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