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History and Heritage

Where luxury lives

K’dor Beginnings

The origins of the K’dor story

The House of K’dor story began back in 1999 when Tarick Kaddour opened a boutique jewellery store in West Sydney. Tarick, a talented and highly skilled goldsmith, worked hard and word of his skill and commitment to creating exquisite jewels began to spread.  It wasn’t long before he was able to open a second boutique in Sydney’s lower north shore. Clients began to travel from far and wide to view his wonderful creations and purchase his exquisite designs. Tarick married and had two sons and a daughter. His family all help in the jewellery store and his children love watching him work and share his passion for creating jewels that celebrate and enhance the natural beauty of K’dor diamonds and gems.

At House of K’dor we are passionate about what we do. the creation of each jewel is a journey - beginning with the careful selection of each diamond and gem, and culminating when the particular stone is placed in its impeccable House of K’dor setting. We strive to set the standard for the ultimate in fine and high jewellery

Tarick Kaddour

Tarick Kaddour
Founder and Owner

Combining exciting design and passion with exceptional craftsmanship and innovation, House of K’dor founder and owner Tarick Kaddour challenges his team of designers and jewellers to create unique jewels and be innovative industry leaders.

His enduring commitment guides the meticulous creation of all House of K’dor jewels, as well as the philosophy behind their artistry.

Zena Kaddour
creative designer

The House of K'dor creative team is led by Creative Designer Zena Kaddour, a strong believer in the energy force of the universe, who is passionate about spreading the love, light and magical brilliance of K’dor diamonds.

From initial ideas and inspiration, through sketches to technical drawings, Zena overseas every facet of the process and is driven by fulfilling the needs of her guests. Every guest’s unique journey is respected and considered, which is key, in Zena's words, to transforming an idea into an exquisite K'dor jewel and to ensuring everyone of life’s beautiful moments are celebrated with love.

Double Bay Opening
New Boutiques

In 2017, House of K'dor celebrated the opening of our new boutique with an exclusive media launch hosted at the Rooftop Bar and Pool of the Intercontinental Double Bay Hotel.

After 11 months of planning, designing and building we opened the doors in Double Bay in true K'dor style - showcasing a glittering new collection that featured over 300 pieces of jewellery, all meticulously hand-crafted in 18k gold and set with shimmering diamonds and other jewels.

Sydney Atelier
Forging the old and the new

The House of K’dor Atelier, located in the heart of Sydney’s CBD, combines the latest state of the art technology with innovative design and meticulous craftsmanship.

Unlike other jewellers, who source their finished pieces from abroad, our Atelier handcrafts all of our jewels. There are nearly 20 quality checks which every jewel must go through before a final assurance can be given and the jewel engraved with the K’dor logo. Having our own Atelier means that we are able to guarantee the quality of our craftmanship.

We are currently looking for the perfect permanent space to open our first boutique atelier where we will invite guests to come and view their pieces being hand-crafted.