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Symbolic of passion, protection, and prosperity. In ancient Sanskrit, Ruby is translated to ratnaraj, which meant “king of precious stones".


Red Romance

Sourcing and matching the perfect pigeon blood rubies requires patience over many months. House of K'dor gemmologists only select the finest natural and unheated rubies that have a soft, glowing, red fluorescence for their decadent ear studs.

Ruby Rings

The House of K’dor Ruby Collection features an exquisite selection of unenhanced, rare and valuable rubies all meticulously hand set in unique ring designs that enhance each stone’s qualities. As a symbol of love and passion, our ruby rings makes an ideal romantic gift.


Achametis Tennis Bracelet

Resplendent 6.58 carat oval rubies are handset in a refined 18k white gold tennis bracelet. Featuring 2.42 carat round brilliant-cut F/VS diamonds, this ornate masterpiece honours the 8th Century King of Dreams.

Dewdrop Earrings

Cascading pear-shaped rubies weighing over 12 carats are handset in 18k white gold. Clustered around radiant rose droplets are 4.00 carats of round brilliant-cut F/VS diamonds that reflect like a sun-stricken sea.

Al Wathba Ruby Ring

Harnessing the magnificence of the Al Wathba desert, a rich crimson oval cut ruby radiates within a striking double halo to capture the warmth in this luxurious women’s ring. Featuring a Burmese oval-cut Pigeon Blood ruby, the meticulously handcrafted design shares an impeccable geometric symmetry with the renowned art of the region’s heritage.

Shaeila Ruby Ring

Inspired by the passion of the Arabian people, the star of the Shaeila ring is the exquisite oval-cut 4.07-carat Pigeon Blood Burmese ruby. Ensconced within an iridescent pave diamond halo, the ring’s majesty expands with pear-cut and round-cut diamond petals, like the flames of a heart in love.