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Jewel Care Guide

Whether you wear your K’dor jewel every day or only occasionally, your jewel is a precious object that requires care and attention.

To ensure that your jewel stays beautiful for many years, please bear in mind a few simple precautions. 


Wearing your K’dor Jewel
  • Allow yourself the necessary time to be able to handle your jewel with care.
  • Ensure that you remove your jewel when washing your hands and when putting on perfume or lotion.
  • Regular contact with household detergents or insecticides may damage pearls and certain precious stones.
  • Take your regular activities into account when choosing your jewellery. Do not wear your jewellery during gym exercise, swimming, gardening or any activity that involves exposing it to repeated knocking or scratching.

 Before putting on your jewel, examine it for a moment:

  • Check that the clasp (and its safety catch if it has one) is not "loose":
  • Check that the settings of the stones have not moved, as follows:
  • Either by shaking it close to your ear: if you hear a slight noise, this means that the stones are no longer perfectly secured;
  • Or by rubbing it against a thin cloth: if the cloth catches, this means that the prongs have moved.
  • If you are in the slightest doubt, it is advisable not to wear your jewel until you have had it checked at a House of K’dor boutique.


Storing your K’dor Jewel
  • Jewels become scratched when they come into contact with one another. We recommend you store your jewels separately in the House of K’dor case that you were given at the time of purchase. You are strongly advised not to place several pieces of jewellery together without protection.
  • Chains should be closed and laid flat so as to avoid the formation of knots.
  • Ensure you do not store your jewel too close to sources of intense heat, to X-rays or to other sources of radioactivity.


Caring for your K’dor Jewel
  • Have your jewel professionally cleaned and checked on a regular basis to maintain its longevity.
  • Handle your jewel with care - all gemstones can easily chip if hit with hard enough force and at the right angle, even diamonds. Emeralds, pearls and opals are particularly delicate and can be easily damaged.
  • Avoid the friction caused by sliding your pendant on its chain or wearing several rings on the same finger.
  • Avoid contact with abrasive chemicals such as nail polish remover, perfume or hairspray.
  • Some wear and tear on jewels worn regularly is unavoidable and can serve to enhance the history and the beauty of the piece.