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Your Name is Powerful

According to a recent studyhearing your own name -- as opposed to other names -- triggers greater brain activation.

But why is that so? 

Our name is the most personal thing we have. It's the first thing people ask for when they meet you. 

The naming of a newborn is usually proceeded by ceremony and celebration, the anointment carrying heritage and symbolic meaning.

Our own name K'dor (cadeau) means 'gift' in French, so perhaps it was destined that we entered this business!

At House of  K'dor, everyone who walks through our doors is an extension of our family too - and honouring someone's name is the foundation of building that beautiful relationship

Initial 1

Perhaps these are the reasons why our diamond initial pendants have always been so well received. 

Wearing a delicate personal initial on your neck is a small act of self-care as much as it is a style statement.

Our guests share that adding an initial for your children and other loved ones to the daily jewellery mix is a beautiful way to keep them close during a busy day.

An initial necklace gifted to someone during a time of change is the perfect way to showcase that you're thinking of them, and we have known of many recipients who have been so moved by this gesture. 

As Dale Carnegie said, 
"a person's name is, to that person, is the sweetest and most important sound in any language.”

Rediscover our initials collection below. 


Sending love and light,

Initial 2