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How to buy romantic jewellery for your partner


"Romance: a feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love" ~ Oxford Dictionary 

Whether it's Valentine's Day, a special birthday or a wedding anniversary. We have been pondering what romance and love mean to us this decade, and to that end, have asked some of our friends to weigh in with their opinions.

Is romance the same as love? Can you have love without romance - or romance without love? No matter how you express your sentiments, we believe romance is a state of mind.

A thoughtful embrace when you need it most, a cup of coffee or juice brought to bed to help you seize the day, a thoughtful compliment that lands directly in the heart, or a grand gesture of ‘forever’, like the bejewelled treasures we house in our walls.

And yet, jewellery and love have always been inextricably linked, perhaps due to the permanence of gifting a precious gemstone whose mineral potency has been cultivating in the earth for millions of years... with the insinuation that your love will sparkle like a diamond for a million moments more. 

It’s the investment, by both the giver and the artisan, to create something rare and exquisite for that one person in the world who matters.

The House of K'dor boutique is a place where people come to mark their special occasions and honour their loved ones with the memento of fine jewellery, no matter how the moment or gift-giving can take shape. 

While love should be celebrated every day, our busy schedules mean sweet moments can be missed or taken for granted.

Valentine’s Day, despite its overwrought consumerism, can be a pensive opportunity for pause to reflect on people and memories that sweep across your heart.

As more people ring in Valentine's day single (it is estimated that 40% of the Australian population will be single on Valentine’s Day), many are shifting the celebrations into friendships or cultivating self-care. Gifts for friends are becoming increasingly popular, as well as tokens of self-empowerment such as ‘right-hand rings’, stunning earrings or statement necklaces, just because.

Anais Nin said it best,
“Life is a full circle, widening until it joins the circle motions of the infinite.”

Despite our place or moment in love, some constants remain.

Whether you're a proud non-traditionalist or a die-hard romantic, jewellery that strikes the right emotional chord can always be a part of that story.



1. Tanzanite and Diamond Earrings 

Tanzanite and Diamond Earrings





For the ultimate treat to self, you can't go past these handcrafted bespoke cushion-cut 8.16-carat Tanzanite and 0.98-carat F/VS Diamond earrings. Pale-indigo Tanzanite is regarded as the stone of transformation, while diamonds stand for faithfulness and fidelity. These earrings are an ideal investment for everyday elegance, injecting colour and grace into a weekend and corporate wardrobe alike. 

RRP: $11,900.00 AU


2. Sapphire and Diamond Pendant 

Sapphire and Diamond Pendant





Nothing says "you're special to me" like this romantic and masterfully created Deco Sapphire pendant. Showcasing a 1.45-carat oval-cut sapphire with a sparkling 0.55 carat F/VS diamond halo, it's the ideal First Anniversary gift. 

RRP $4,990.00 AU Chain sold separately. 



3. Ruby and Diamond Tennis Set  

Ruby and Diamond Tennis Set



Nothing declares passion like Rubies, and this exquisite Ruby and Diamond tennis bracelet will forever encircle your lover's wrist with ten outstanding oval-cut rubies encrusted with double F/VS diamond halos and connected with elegant pave diamond links.


Complete the set with sensuous 1.70-carat pear-cut ruby studs encased within an ornate 1.46-carat F/VS double diamond halo. An ideal treat for someone you love deeply and passionately! 

RRP: $28,900.00 AU 



4. Stackable Wrist Candy 

Wrist Candy



Worn alone or layered in stylish clusters, House of K'dor fine bangles in 18K white gold, rose gold or yellow gold all come encrusted in F/VS pave diamonds and beguiling charms. 


Shop The Fine Diamond Bangle, The Angulaire Bracelet, and The Sienna Cuff - or contact us to shop other styles. A perfect gift for a special friend.

RRP: From $1,100.00 AU



5. Diamond Studs

Diamond Studs





For once-in-a-lifetime-magnificence, treating your partner to these exquisite diamond studs is the ultimate declaration of your heart's intent. Meticulously handcrafted in our atelier, these brilliant-cut D/SI1 3.81-carat diamonds are further set with a 0.11-carat inner double diamond halo, creating a decorative and special element that is for your eyes only. 




6. Solid Gold Hexagon Bangle

Solid Gold Hexagon Bangle






These modish 18K solid gold bangles are inspired by clean, genderless lines, making them a sophisticated gift for men and women alike. Why not get a matching set, one for you and one for the object of your affections? Available in rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold.

RRP: $6,850.00 AU




7. Diamond Hexagon Necklace

Diamond Hexagon Necklace





New relationship? Say "I like you" with a 0.5-carat open hexagon necklace, featuring F/VS diamonds on an adjustable 45cm 18k gold chain. Available in rose gold, yellow gold and white gold. A charming, yet relaxed gift.

RRP: From $790.00 AU




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