Diary Of A Master Jeweller

Diary Of A Master Jeweller

Most people are familiar with sapphires. Synonymous with royalty, they’re traditionally blue in colour – from light baby blue to a deep indigo – and they sparkle and shine as one of the ‘Big Four’ gemstones (the others being diamonds, emeralds and rubies).

Not many people, however, are as familiar with these gemstones in their rough form – before they’ve been cut, shaped, polished and transformed into exquisite pieces of jewellery. To the unexperienced eye, they look dull, dreary, and even unimpressive. To a master jeweller though? They’re breathtaking…

A Rare Opportunity

“I had the very rare opportunity to source and pursue some of the finest sapphires Mother Nature has to offer,” explains Tarick K’dor of his recent trip to Bangkok. “Gem merchants and cutters from across the globe gathered for an exclusive, invitation-only event to buy rough gemstones. Being invited to view the calibre of these gemstones, from ethically-sourced mines and in their natural form, was a true privilege. We must have viewed around 10,000 sapphires over a five-day period. It was just remarkable to be the first person in the world to look at these roughs, and to have the first opportunity to assess and buy them. It was very special.”

Part of this special opportunity was the chance to view some other amazing stones; “From a magnificent 10-carat, pigeon-blood Burmese ruby (worth approximately $3 million) which was flawless and very, very rare, to an amazing alexandrite, which changes colour from a brown to a red – it’s like a chameleon stone. There were also cashmere blue sapphires and a variety of green emeralds. The whole experience was extraordinary.”

Looking For Lustre

Joining Tarick on the trip were two of House of K’dors highly qualified cutters, and the in-house gemologist who, with their combined expertise, were able to assess the parcels and select the finest of gemstones. “Every day we looked through parcels, sometimes there would be 200 stones. One by one, we assessed each stone, looking for table surface, and for crystal – which is ideal as it gives the best lustre. As you look at these stones and you understand what they are, you’re not just appreciating their beauty, you’re thinking about all the incredible things you can create with them.”

When House of K’dor designs a piece of jewellery, it’s always based around the centre stone. “This is ultimately the hero and it needs to stand out,” explains Tarick. “Everything else around it is there to carry the centre stone and make it shine. Inspiration can really come from anywhere at any point – from architecture to landscapes – but mostly it comes from the beauty of the centre stone itself.”

Of course, Tarick and his team also find much inspiration in House of K’dor’s guests. Just as an architect might design a home around its future occupants, so too does this master jeweller design around the wearer of his pieces of jewellery.

“Whenever we have a new gemstone, and someone is looking to purchase it, we’ll always have lengthy, in-depth consultations with them, to get a real sense of who they are at their core, what makes them tick and light up. We factor all of this into our designs.”

Truly Unique

“It’s what makes us unique at House of K’dor,” Tarick continues. “The majority of our work is custom-designed and it’s all made in-house – sourced globally, made locally. That’s why people come to us – they want special pieces that stand the test of time, and can be passed down as heirlooms and stay in families, and hearts, forever. This isn’t just about the financial investment – it’s also the emotional investment that people make. The pieces we create, using the finest gemstones, are truly unique. You won’t find them anywhere else.”

So, what’s Tarick’s favourite piece to date? “There was a green emerald ring that we made that was just amazing. It was all crystal and so lively. It was just shy of 20 carats and it was an emerald-cut in a beautiful vivid green, set into a beautiful ring. That was, and still is, one of my favourite pieces of all time.”

As for the future of the rough sapphires purchased in Bangkok, all will be revealed… “K’dor artisans are currently cutting and polishing the roughs with incredible accuracy and artistry in our Sydney atelier,” says Tarick. “Once they’re all cut and polished, we’ll then decide what very special pieces we can make with them. You’ll just have to watch this space…”

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