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As seen in VOGUE

K’dor was delighted to be featured in VOGUE’S Valentine’s Day article. Read the story below about our much loved
‘Morse Code Necklace’.

Annie Brown

Annie Brown

9 FEB 2023

From puffy hearts to putting your love on lock, a guide to romantic Valentine's Day jewellery (for yourself and others).

Zena K'dor

Zena K’dor, creative director of Sydney-based jeweller House of K’dor, says one of her favourite moments was two friends who this month came in together to get bespoke ‘bff’ diamond cuffs.

She says the jeweller’s bespoke pieces, including its Morse Code collection which can be used to craft a personal message, is another example of how she sees the purpose of Valentine’s Day jewellery.

“Selecting the perfect gift for your Valentine is all about who they are, and their individual style, as jewellery is a deeply personal statement. Creating something unique just for them never fails,” - she says.

K’dor says coloured gemstones have also been particularly popular for the jeweller, which handcrafts each piece, with rubies one of her personal favourites (“the stone of love, passion, power”)


Jewellery we treasure tends to have sentiment attached to it, and a secret message crafted just for you (in diamonds!) is exactly this.

K'Dor Morse Code necklace

K'Dor Morse Code necklace

from $1,900