Why We Love Natural Diamonds

Why We Love Natural Diamonds

Much has been written about diamonds through the ages, but the story of the world’s most famous gemstone dates back further… much, much further.

About one to three billion years ago, a unique process began, that would one day produce a magical, one-of-a-kind, breathtaking, sparkling stone. It took the perfect storm of circumstance and perfectly precise conditions – from extreme heat to unfathomable pressure – for a single diamond’s journey to begin, 100 miles deep within the earth’s crust.

Then, when Archduke Maximilian of Austria proposed to Mary of Burgundy with a diamond engagement ring in 1477, that diamond history changed forever. The gemstone began to take on an identity; one that stood for emotional commitment and romance. Today, natural diamonds continue to be an enduring symbol of love and pure, all-natural beauty. Each one is as unique as its wearer.

When you think about it, the entire process of how a natural diamond is made is truly extraordinary. “There’s something so special and unique about natural diamonds as it takes billions of years to form in the earth’s crust,” says Master Jeweller, Tarick K’dor. “I believe they can’t be replicated – they’re Mother Nature’s ultimate gift.

Among the oldest and hardest naturally occurring substances known to humankind, natural diamonds can last forever, and will never go out of style, explains Creative Director, Zena K’dor. “A piece of diamond jewellery is a work of art – a wearable work of art. What I love most about natural diamonds is the way people light up when they see a beautiful gemstone, knowing how long it took to form, and each one is so incredibly unique. I do believe a diamond needs to sing to you, and I also believe it finds you as much as you find it.”

From one-of-a-kind engagement rings to bespoke wedding bands, there's nothing like natural diamonds to create forever masterpieces. 

House of K’dor regularly collaborates with its guests to bring to life the vison of what the client wants designed. “We recently had a guest ask for an exact 3.33-carat diamond for an engagement ring,” explains Zena. “I wasn’t sure if that was possible, so I asked Tarick, and he said whilst it wasn’t impossible, it would be a very hard stone to find. However, within a week, we found this beautiful 3.33 carat and, I like to think, the diamond found us. It was meant to be. That’s the beauty of nature, anything is possible!

“We feel deeply passionate about working with so many special gemstones, including diamonds. I really believe if you feel that connection with the stone, you’ll wear it with pride, and pass it down through generations. It holds its value – not just financially, but emotionally and sentimentally as well. Natural diamonds possess the organic integrity, emotional power, and long-lasting value that we want our designs to embody. They’re very special and totally unique.”

And this is where House of K’dor truly shines. “What sets us apart is that our guests want one-off pieces, something truly special, not mass produced,” continues Zena. “For us, it’s about legacy. We have the honour of working with precious diamonds that Mother Nature has created, we get to care for them and design around them, and then we pass them on to those who will love and enjoy them for many more years to come. We adore everything natural diamonds represent – love, strength, and timelessness.

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