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Why Sapphires are the New Diamonds


What Makes Sapphires So Special?

 Sometimes things are more connected than they appear... while looking different on the surface, they are bonded by the same matter.

The Sapphire and Ruby for instance are the same stone, a conundrum that has been naturally infused with either titanium oxide or chromium to throw off their distinct vibrant shades. 

Sapphires, the September stone, come with their own unique, magical qualities that once again, through the rhythms of nature mirror our own spiritual path.

Why the blue colour?

Corundum is infused with titanium-oxide, resulting in various fancy shades (such as pink, yellow and the regal Padparadscha orange).

However, the most covetable and concentrated hue is still cerulean blue, ranging in glimmering indigo, cobalt and cornflower blue tones. 

The new 'diamond'

So alluring is Sapphire's appeal that demand for unique engagement rings has been spiking in Google Trends 115% since  2017.

"The coloured engagement ring has been a  growing request from our guests over the last few years," says House of K'dor founder and Managing Director Tarick K'dor.

"Sapphires are the number one choice for brides seeking craving an elegant twist on convention, yet still keep things timeless. The striking beauty and regal lineage of the Sapphire appeal to different styles and occasions." 

Being a 9 on Mohrs scale of hardness, it's a durable stone that cuts beautifully and has the hardness and toughness to withstand every day wear. 

Heavenly heritage

This regal stone has always been associated with the skies and therefore celestial associations. Sapphires have been worshipped by almost every culture for thousands of years and worn by religious figures and royals alike to channel light and blessings up to the heavens.

Today, Sapphires have received front-page coverage thanks to by the British Royal Family, with Princess Diana's exquisite oval-cut Sapphire ring famously passed on posthumously to Catherine, Duchess of York when she married Prince William.

Princess Eugenie too, sported an orange Padparadscha sapphire encircled in a diamond floral halo at her wedding, a replica of the engagement ring her mum Fergie sported durning her nuptuals to Prince Andrew.

Choosing your Sapphire

House of K'dor ethically source the most resplendent stones from Sri Lanka, Columbia and Australia. We have an intimate relationship with the mines and all our suppliers, to ensure the integrity of stones and equitable working conditions for all workers.

Once the sparkling gems arrive in our boutique, they will find a home in a special guest - either around your neck, wrist, dancing on your fingers or shimmering in your lobes.

We love to set our sapphires in accordance with your skin tone, so the interplay of light and lustre can be maximised. Whether encasing your Sapphire in 18K rose gold, 18K yellow gold or 18K white gold setting, and the surrounding interplay of diamonds, It all depends on making you shine!

Take a Sapphire home

We invite you in our boutique or a virtual consultation to explore the beauty and magic of sapphires and make their heavenly magic your own.

From the most eye-popping of cocktail rings and ear jewels, to contemporary chains and fine bangles with a pear-cut sapphire accent, Sapphires make a stunning enhancement to your life.

And if you're born in September? Well then this is YOUR stone for life.

See our edit below for the most exquisite Sapphire inspirations. 

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Abu Dhabi & Lamborghini
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 Sapphire Collar


Princess Diana Sapphire Necklace

Diamonds & Sapphires in the Desert Diamonds & Sapphire Cuff



 Sending love and light,

The K'dor Family.