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July Birthstone: Everything You Need To Know About Rubies

The Indians called her ratnaraj, "queen of precious stones".

Her hardness and rarity rank only behind the diamond.

The Ruby, always held in the highest esteem.

K'dor rubies are ethically sourced from Burma a... their burning pigeon red hue offset in immaculate designs by our artisans that boast premium diamonds and 18K gold. 

Coming into their own by candlelight or sunshine alike, rubies are associated with passion, victory, charity and love. 

See our edit of luxurious ruby jewellery below:


Refined Ruby & Diamond Statement Ring

Red Dress

Red Shoes

Rose Gold and Ruby Ring

Modern Ruby & Diamond statement Ring Ruby Statement
Red Lipstick Ruby & Diamond Triliogy Ring

Engagement Ring with Rose Petal


Sending love & light,
The K'dor Family