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Magic of Sweetness

At House of K'dor, we love rich cultural celebrations that honour the diverse heritage of our guests.

This week is Rosh Hashanah - the Jewish festival of all things sweet to bring in the New Year. 

It is customary to eat honey on Rosh Hashanah, and we love that the honeycomb is a signature core element of our own House of K'dor story.

The honeycomb represents kindness, unity and warmth... the foundational pillars for any community and family. The bee pollinates plants and connects all living things, with honey being as the spiritual fruit that represents life’s sweetness. Honey has been cultivated by the Egyptians as far back as 5000 years for its healing powers. Its rich, sugary goodness represents sustenance and medicine for all. 

These unique characteristics of the hexagon, honeycomb and bee formed the inspiration behind the House of K’dor logo and the Signature Collection.

Why are we so many cultures and sciences so drawn to this magical shape and the sweet elements it produces? 

For a start, hexagons are omnipresent in nature and their properties are nothing short of astounding. 

Families of crystal are hexagonal, as are snowflakes and other naturally occurring geographic phenomena. 

Yet the most obvious natural hexagon is the honeycomb, the geometrically perfect home for bees and their nectar.

Not only is every bee, itself a symbol of love and luck, naturally adept at forming these perfectly structured tessellations, they too are 
encoded with the shape, the hexagon written into their eyes.

Mathematicians and geometry experts believe that the
 hexagon is the connecting centre of which ties everything together and links everything back.  It teaches you more the more you look at it and reflect on it. 

Hence, our Honeycomb, Bee and Hexagon pieces are the perfect way to adorn yourself - and those you love - with these special talismans of richness and prosperity.

Powerful symbols unique to each culture also form the inspiration of our Religious Collection, allowing you proudly wear your heritage in style, no matter your background.

Wishing all our Jewish friends a very happy Shana Tovah and sending love and light to all our guests.


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