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Are You A FEB Baby?

Are You A FEB Baby 1

Week by week, destiny can change. 

 Perhaps it's the dreamer in me, but that's why I love the beauty of Birth Stones. They seem to speed up these series of fortunate events; harness a special energy.

If you are a February baby, or know someone who is, then your stone is AMETHYST.
Now, you don't have to be born in Feb to enjoy this healing, mystical stone of course... but there is an added meaning to its powers, her special hues and properties imbuing with your aura.

And at K'dor, we LOVE our Amethysts!
Not only do we source them from the most ethical sources, Tarick personally selects the most vibrant plum, purple and violet tones.

Amethysts look stunning set in 18K rose gold, yellow gold or white gold, dancing against sun-kissed skin as earrings, cocktail rings, pendants or even tennis bracelets. 

But if you're a minimalist at heart (which can be common for the classic Aquarian), then you can layer up with a streamlined Zodiac necklace. 

Made with F/VS diamonds and set in 18K gold, the Aquarius necklace adds a personal touch and playful sophistication.

I think every month needs to be celebrated - but for me February has the sweetness of summer and the warmth of romance... such as the aura of Valentine's Day and the mysticism of Lunar New Year.

If you are celebrating someone in February, then it's not too late to gift them a magic keepsake they can have forever.

Use the code HOK100 at check out to receive $100 towards a K'dor Zodiac Aquarius necklace and Amethyst Heart Necklace. 


And who knows? It might just turn the wheels of destiny.

Are you a February baby?
Please reply YES and let us know!

Sending love and light from Zena, Tarick, and the K'dor Family. 

See our mood board below!


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