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14 Picks For Valentine's Day

Make Your Love Official With K'Dor 

What is the only thing that's gained by giving?

Love... and diamonds, of course. Always.

Whether you want to mark a new relationship as 'official', spoil a long-term partner, or simply light up the heart of a dear friend, diamonds always say: "You matter".

 And as Whitney said, the greatest love of all is to yourself - so don't wait for someone to spoil you, when K'dor has you covered.

No matter who you're honouring this Valentine's Day (and we hope you pick a little something for yourself), here are our 14 best curated ideas to spark joy.



Fine Ruby Bracelet
Pave Heart Necklace
Open Heart Necklace
Statement Ruby Ring
Solitaire heart necklace
In Love Bracelet
Diamond and Pearl earrings
Morse Code Initial necklace
Diamond heart Necklace
Baguette Pull-Bracelet
Aquarius Necklace
Lips Studs
Starry Night Cuff
K'dor Jewellery Case